Rain Repelling Windows

We apply rain and dirt repelling products to your glass.

48 Hour Rain Guarantee

If it rains within 48 hours, we'll touch up the affected windows for free!

On-Time or It's Free

We'll be on-time or your cleaning is free!

“Four Secrets You Must Know Before You Hire A Window Cleaner”

1. It Doesn’t Matter What Products We Use To Clean Your Windows. If you don’t have hard water deposits, 93% of window cleaners just use common dish soap. It cleans off the grim and dirt just as good as the store bought products. Many try to trick you into the fallacy that it’s what they clean with that is the secret, but that’s just a smoke screen. Don’t be fooled!

2. The Secret To Rid Your Windows Of Hard Water. So you’ve tried CLR, vinegar and maybe even Drano. Still no luck? Well you could always hire the kid next door to scratch it off, but that will most likely lead to scratches on your windows. The secret to hard water removal is our Hard Water Removal Treatment. It begins with an evaluation of how the hard water is getting on there, removal/redirection of that source and then a deep cleaning of your windows. I use a product that is applied to the affected areas, allowed to soak for 10-15 minutes and then scrubbed off with a glass friendly scrubber. Results guaranteed!

3. Demand A 48 Hour Rain Guarantee! Blowing dirt and rain create havoc on windows in Southern Utah. You should demand a guarantee with every cleaning. Just call during the 48 hour guarantee period and I’ll come back at no charge to you and clean the affected windows. Enjoy brilliant windows.

4. Windows That Repel Rain! Your windows can be treated with a product that works just like Rain-X for car windshields. After your windows are cleaned, the rain repelling product can be applied, buffed in and then it will repel rain for up to 6 months! It makes the following cleanings a breeze and it should be a must for windows that are susceptible to hard water deposits. Just ask for the details during you next cleaning. Cleaner, longer.